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Performance you can rely on

A strong heart beats under the bonnet of the M5001N. The new V-3800 TIE 4F 4-cylinder engine with 3B emission level provides 103 HP (according to 97/68 EC).


With an extra kick of power

The M5071N has a sizeable 3.8 l engine under the bonnet – which is unique in this horsepower class, and gives the model the right power for all jobs.


Clean technology

The diesel particulate filter in the new engine reliably reduces emissions. The two electronic engine settings provide convenient quick adjustments for repetitive work, which is not only useful, but also saves time.


Convenient speed monitoring

The engines also have a new electronic speed control with which you can control the speed of the engine. Once the RPM mode system has been activated, the speed remains constant, even when the demand for power varies. As a result, PTO-driven implements can be run with constant efficiency.


New fuel tank

Instead of three tanks, like its predecessors, the M5001N has only two large tanks on the bottom side of the cab. This provides not only more capacity and thus longer usage times, but also higher tank comfort. The new tank design gives you better visibility towards the rear, as a rear tank is not required. And since there are two tanks instead of three, the fuel gauge is also more accurate.


Smooth gear shifting even under harsh conditions

With the Kubota M5001N, you can choose between two types of transmissions: one transmission with 18 forward and reverse gears and a comfort transmission with 36 forward and reverse gears with dual-speed powershift speeds. Regardless of which one you choose – it’ll be a good choice. With great efficiency at low and high speeds, the finely harmonised and smooth shifting transmissions stand for shifting pleasure, reliability and economy.

Another improvement is the non-clutch button as standard feature on the 36/36 gearbox, the non-clutch button supports the operators comfort with easy gear shifting, just press the button and shift among the 6 gears.


Lightning fast gear shifting with loads

The dual-speed technology of the 36F/36R transmission enables lightning-fast upshifting and downshifting. With increasing load in the Hi position, you simply press the Dual Speed button on the shift lever. The driving speed is then reduced and the torque increased.


Driving fast and saving fuel

The overdrive function of the transmission keeps the engine speed low when driving at high speeds. The 40-ECO transmission gets you to your destination quickly while at the same time saving fuel and reducing the noise level.


Easy change of direction

Thanks to the electro-hydraulic shuttle lever of the M5001N, you can change direction quickly and easily without using the clutch. You simply have to move the electro-hydraulic shuttle lever forward or backward.


For unobstructed views

The M5001N is also available as a DTH version with roll bar. The advantages of these cab-free tractors are obvious: unimpeded access to and from the vehicle, as well as a perfect view of the implements and the area and culture that is being worked on.


Simple handling of roll bar

The position of the roll bar can be conveniently fold out or in – which is practical if a lower height is required, for example at low building entrances. You can fold in the roll bar simply and effortlessly with two easily accessible pins. You merely have to loosen the pins, just adjust the bar and fix it again – done!


Ideal ergonomics and water-resistance

The control elements of the DTH models are conveniently located on the right side next to the driver's seat. All switches and levers are ergonomically optimised and are particularly comfortable to operate. The new dashboard of the tractor is designed to give you an unobstructed view ahead. Since tractor work does not come with a fair-weather guarantee, all instruments and controls are, of course, absolutely watertight. Even heavy downpours will not cause any problems.


The M5001N lifts heavy loads with ease

More power and performance for all tasks is the motto for the lift linkage of the M5001N. Thanks to its stable category II 3-point hitch, the tractor can lift heavy equipment with ease. 2,300 kg lifting capacity speaks for itself. You will really appreciate the additional lifting capacity in areas where your previous tractor reached its limits.


Increased flexibility of hydraulics

When it comes to the hydraulic system, the cab version of the M5001N gives you a choice. You have the option of extending the number of hydraulic connections on the front and rear of the tractor from the standard two to five. Five hydraulic connections with flow control enable you to carry out various tasks at the same time with a single implement using up to five control units – which greatly simplifies even the most demanding tasks. Kubota has also provided the M5001N with a stronger hydraulic pump. The increased capacity of up to 69 l/min for the M5101N cab model is the basis for increased productivity and performance.


Electro-hydraulic PTO

The independent 540/540E PTO comes as standard and can be turned on or off at the switch of a button. A 1000 PTO speed shaft is also optionally available. The PTO engages itself in a self-modulating fashion so that even heavy equipment runs smoothly. If you switch off the rear PTO, the PTO shaft brake is activated automatically and the implements stop safely. The operator can activate the ECO PTO speed which automatically sets the engine speed revolution to the right rpm value in order to protect any damage on the PTO line.


The front axle with bevel gear drive and a steering angle of an astounding 55° give the M5001N unique agility. This makes the tractor ideal for jobs in tight spaces.


Soft, soil-preserving turning

The “bi-speed turn”, provided only by Kubota, makes turning even easier. If the steering angle of the front wheels exceeds a value of 35°, when using all-wheel drive, the speed of the front wheels almost doubles compared to the rear wheels. This results in softer and tighter turning that is particularly gentle on the ground. You’ve got the choice of working with or without “bi-speed turns”.


High ground clearance and driving stability

Its front axle also gives the M5001N high ground clearance that is among the best in its class. This is particularly useful when dealing with permanent crops such as fruit and wine, where sawn wood in the rows is no longer an obstacle. The 80 mm longer wheelbase provides additional stability as well as more comfort when driving the tractor. Adjustable overall width from 1.250 mm to 1.940 mm ensures safe working in steep terrain.


All-wheel drive easily turned on and off

The all-wheel drive is engaged and disengaged with the simple press of a button. And the best part is that the tractor doesn't even have to be stopped, even when switching from the field to the road. This helps you stay productive, and an LED indicator shows you the current status.


No chance of slippage

The limited slip differential on the front axle and the differential lock on the rear axle come as standard with the M5001N. They provide increased stability and traction as well as a smooth ride in challenging soil and terrain conditions, even in the case of slippage.

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